Decorative Smart Glass


What is Decorative
Smart Glass?

Designed with versatility in mind, our Decorative Smart Glass offers seamless privacy control and stunning visual appeal, If you seek a bespoke design, it will cater to your unique preferences and architectural requirements.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our Decorative Smart Glass is not just a functional addition but a statement piece that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your space. From residential interiors to commercial environments, our custom-designed solutions redefine modern living with elegance and flair.


How to Control Decorative Smart glass

Control SmartPro Glass with one of the below options



Wall Switch

Wall Switch

Remote Control


Remote Control

Remote Control

Smart Home

Smart home panel



Smart Home Enabled

Sync SmartPro Decorative smart glass with your smart home application.




Applications of Decorative Smart Glass

Great solution for various applications


Decorative Smart Glass


How much is Decorative Smart Glass?

The pricing of Decorative Smart Glass can vary significantly, contingent upon various key parameters. Gaining insight into these factors can facilitate an informed decision-making process when considering the incorporation of decorative smart glass into your project.

Numerous factors contribute to influencing the price of decorative smart glass, including the type and quality of the glass, bespoke design elements, such as patterns and colors, and the craftsmanship involved in creating unique and tailored designs. Further details about these factors can be explored in our blog section.

It is essential to meticulously assess your project requirements and financial considerations when selecting decorative smart glass. By thoroughly evaluating the parameters outlined above, you can confidently make a decision that reflects your preferences and aligns with your budget.

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Decorative Smart Glass


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Same as the other smart glasses, it becomes transparanet in ON state and opaque in OFF state , but it brings 2 other different states as well.

The way it works is same as normal smart glass however, the PDLC film incoprtaed inside has been cuted in a unique shape. 

Yes, decorative privacy glass can be retrofitted, making it an ideal solution for both new construction projects and renovations.