What is a Smart Film?

In today’s ever-evolving world, technology continues to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible. One such innovation that’s rapidly transforming our lives is smart film. This cutting-edge material offers an array of applications and features that make it the perfect addition to your home, office, or commercial space.

There are two types of smart films in the market:

  1. Non-adhesive: As there is no adhesive layer in this type of smart film, they are mainly used to manufacture Smart Switchable Glass. 
  2. Self-adhesive: In this product, one side of the smart film is adhesive. It means it can attach to a glass surface on itself.

The secret behind this magical transition lies within the smart film’s composition. It is comprised of a polymer matrix infused with micro-scale particles. When the film is powered on, the micro-scale particles align, allowing light to pass through, making the surface transparent. When the current is switched off, these particles disperse, instantly rendering the film opaque, and giving it a frosted appearance.




Easy to Install

Despite any other DIY cling films, there is no need for water to install the self-adhesive smart film. Therefore, it is not required to change the pre-installed glass panes to enjoy bringing privacy on demand with a push of a button.

Please call our support team to check the project conditions. In most cases, it is better that our installation team arrange the process as the smart film is so delicate material and can easily get defective.

Smart Privacy Film

Smart Film, A Modern Marvel for Endless Possibilities



Smart Privacy Film


Let there be Light

Smart film technology allows privacy without blocking light, meaning natural and artificial light can still be utilized while privacy is maintained. By incorporating smart films on pre-installed glasses, you can enjoy the natural sunlight instead of blocking it with old-fashioned curtains and blinds.

These panels are also considered an eye-catching choice that can create brighter spaces and let the sun’s rays penetrate deeper into the building, harnessing the sun's healing powers for the healthcare section.


Multi-Functional Features

Smart films switch instantly from transparent to opaque to offer complete privacy. Another feature is to use the smart glass as a whiteboard. There would be no extra board required in offices with limited space. One of the superb features of switchable smart films is the back projection ability to provide a big multi-touch screen.

SmartPro smart film performs excellently as a rear-projection screen for videos, slideshows, or almost any projected image. It can also substitute for a whiteboard, maximizing the utility of a conference room, classroom, or consultation room.

Instant privacy on demand will be provided hassle-free wherever it is required. Smart Privacy Glass is another name for this product which refers to its unique technology and optical characteristics.


Smart Privacy Film




Smart Privacy Film


Aesthetic Versatility

Self-adhesive smart film is a versatile addition to any space. It can be used to create a sleek, modern look in contemporary interiors or seamlessly blend into more traditional settings. Its ability to transform from transparent to opaque gives you control over the aesthetics of your environment.

Smart Privacy film is a revolutionary material that brings innovation, convenience, and aesthetic appeal to spaces in various industries and personal settings. With its user-friendly installation and versatile features, it's poised to transform the way we view and use glass surfaces. 

How to Control Smart Privacy Film

Control SmartPro privacy film with one of the below options



Wall Switch

Wall Switch

Remote Control


Remote Control

Remote Control

Smart Home

Smart home panel



Smart Home Enabled

Sync SmartPro smart film to your smart home App




Applications of Smart Privacy Film

Great solution for various applications

Smart film has transcended novelty to become a practical, versatile solution in various industries and personal spaces. Let’s explore its diverse applications:

Retail Display: Retail stores use smart film on their display windows to create an attention-grabbing marketing tool. By changing the visibility of their products or storefronts with a simple switch, they can captivate passersby and draw them into the store.

Residential Spaces: In homes, self-adhesive smart film can be applied to glass partitions, windows, and shower enclosures. It offers you the ability to transform transparent surfaces into opaque ones, providing the privacy you need when you need it.

Healthcare Industry: Hospitals and healthcare facilities leverage smart film for patient privacy. It can be used to create partition walls and windows, ensuring a confidential and comforting environment. Laboratories also use it to control the transparency of glass surfaces during experiments.

Hospitality: Hotels, restaurants, and event venues make the most of self-adhesive smart film to create unique atmospheres. It can be used to separate spaces, eliminating the need for permanent walls or curtains, and provide a flexible way to adjust the level of privacy.

Automotive Innovation: Some luxury cars and private vehicles are now integrating smart film into their sunroofs and windows. In addition to adding a touch of modernity to the vehicle’s design, it enhances passenger privacy and comfort.

Museums and Galleries: Art institutions utilize smart film to control lighting conditions and enhance privacy around exhibits. This contributes to preserving the artwork while allowing for innovative exhibit design.

Interactive Displays: In the realm of digital signage, self-adhesive smart film can be applied to windows to create interactive displays. It offers an engaging way to communicate with customers and passersby through captivating visual content.

Projection Screens: When in an opaque state, smart film serves as an excellent projection surface for presentations and home theaters. It can transform any glass surface into a high-quality screen, enhancing your visual experience.


Smart Privacy Film


How much is Smart Privacy Film?

The pricing of Smart Privacy Film can vary significantly, depending on various key parameters. Acquiring an understanding of these factors can facilitate a well-informed decision-making process when contemplating the integration of smart privacy film into your project.

Numerous factors play a role in influencing the price of smart privacy film, such as the type and quality of the film, including ITO, PET and LC brand and quality. You can explore further details about these factors in our blog section.

Our pricing for Smart Privacy Film commences at £180 per square meter. It is paramount to meticulously assess your project requirements and financial considerations when opting for smart privacy film. By thoroughly evaluating the parameters outlined above, you can confidently make a decision that aligns with your needs while adhering to your budget.

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Smart Privacy Film


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Smart privacy film, also known as switchable privacy film or electrically switchable film, is a versatile material that can change from opaque to transparent with the application of an electrical current. This allows you to control privacy levels in your space with ease.

Smart privacy film contains a layer of liquid crystal molecules that align when a voltage is applied, allowing light to pass through and making the film transparent. When the voltage is turned off, the molecules return to their scattered state, rendering the film opaque and providing privacy.

 Yes, smart privacy film can be customized to fit your specific requirements. You can choose from various sizes, shapes to create a personalized privacy solution for your space.

Yes, smart privacy film can be retrofitted to existing windows, making it an ideal solution for both new construction projects and renovations. It can be installed directly onto the glass surface without the need for any structural modifications.

With proper care and maintenance, smart privacy film can last for many years. It is durable and resistant to fading, peeling, and discoloration, ensuring long-lasting privacy solutions for your space.