Smart Glass FAQ

1Do I need to replace my existing glass to use your products?
No. There is no need to change the window, frame or glass in most cases.
2What is the maximum size of PDLC film you can supply?
For self-adhesive smart film the maximum one piece size is 1500*3200mm and for laminated smart glass is 1800*3000mm.
3What is the average lead time for SmartPro products?
Normally the lead time for the smart film is 7-10 working days depending on the required dimensions and quantities.
4Can SmartPro films be used as projection screens?
Yes. With the use of a projector, the image is retro projected onto the surface of the glass to offer a high definition image.
5What is the difference between Laminated and self-adhesive PDLC Smart Film?
There is no difference in their function as privacy is provided by the smart film itself. However, due to the higher resistivity characteristics of smart laminate glass, it can be applied on facades or in a humid environments such as pools or bathrooms as DGU smart Glass.
6How much is the smart glass?
The liquid crystal film produced by each manufacturer is very different. Although the appearance is similar, the light transmittance is high and low, the quality is uneven, and the price range is different. Smartpro ultra-clear self-adhesive smart film is 220 GBP per SQM.
7Is SmartPro smart films completely clear when switched on? What about the Off state?
It should be noted that there is always a haze in smart PDLC films and that this can be accentuated by the viewing angle. Normal Visual Light Transmission (VLT) is approximately 80% when switched ON in smart film in the market, however, SmartPro ultra-clear smart film has more than 85%. Also, in Off state, it is translucent which means some light still passes through.
8Does SmartPro provide a warranty with its products?
In the unlikely event of a problem, SmartPro will provide a 2-year warranty. We may select either to replace the panels at their cost or to credit a refund to the customer.
9Can I order a sample of SmartPro film?
Yes. You can purchase an A4-sized sample with the controller. Please contact us to discuss further.
10How long does it take PDLC smart glass to switch?
Pretty fast – less than 0.1 second to be exact!
11How do you clean SmartPro films?
SmartPro smart film should be cleaned with a soft cloth and gentle cleanser. Avoid harsh chemicals and the use of sharp instruments. Ensure you remove all liquids that may have collected around the edges during the cleaning process.
12Is PDLC smart film suitable for indoor or outdoor use?
SmartPro Ultra clear smart film is typically used for indoor applications. For outdoor applications, it is recommended to use Smart laminate glass.
13How much power does switchable smart glass consume?
SmartPro smart film consumes under 10 watts per SQM. For perspective: 10 SQM of PDLC switchable glass consumes less energy than one LED bulb
14Do smart films require special maintenance?
As long as the proper voltage is maintained, there are no special maintenance concerns apart from the following care: To meet limited warranty requirements and to ensure the longevity of the PDLC film within the glass it is important that smart film is switched off for a minimum of 4 hours out of every 24 hours. Timer: A 24-hour timer is highly recommended to be installed for each power supply/transformer or group of power supplies/transformers to ensure that the privacy glass is turned ‘off’ for the minimal 4 hour period. If a timer is not used, switching ON and OFF daily is encouraged to ensure that the panels remain functional.
15What is the expected life of SmartPro films?
The life span for our PDLC smart film is more than 80000 hours.
16How can I ask my question about smart glass?
Please send your question via our contact us page and your question with the answer will be published soon on the smart glass FAQ page.