Why SmartPro Smart Glass?

Switchable Glass brings privacy on demand for modern spaces

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What is Smart

Switchable smart glass is a type of controllable glass, and the transparency of the glass is in your hands! With the flick of a switch, the glass becomes transparent from opaque and vice versa.
This unique feature allows designers to incorporate new technologies while moving toward minimal design. One of the main applications of smart film is to be installed in glass office partitions.

In this case, there is no need for curtains or frosted films without any flexibility in tint adjustment! So, with self-adhesive smart films, offices have more space and light, as sunlight can go through all the glass partitions all over the office.

While this design is eye-catching, it may not be applicable without providing a suitable solution to maintain privacy. SmartPro glass offers high-quality smart switchable glass and smart films.


How Switchable
PDLC Film works?

Smart Switchable Glass is the name of glasses in which the PDLC film is incorporated into the glass. This film can be attached to already installed glass or laminated to create laminated glass.
Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) consists of micron-sized droplets of liquid crystal dispersed in an optically isotropic polymer matrix. This smart film can be electrically switched from a light-scattering or opaque “off state” to a non-scattering or transparent “on state”. In the “off state”, the Smart film/Privacy film appears milky white due to the refractive index mismatch encountered by incoming light at the liquid crystal/polymer interface.

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Smart Glass


Smart Glass Installation

We specialize in seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology into your home or office environment. Our expert team of technicians ensures a hassle-free smart switchable glass installation process, from a site survey to transforming ordinary windows into dynamic, multifunctional surfaces.

With our smart glass solutions, you can effortlessly control privacy, light, and ambience with the touch of a button.

Our Products

Explore a different range of smart switchable glasses

Self-adhesive Smart Film

Self-adhesive Switchable Privacy Film

Easy to install, affordable smart glass solution

Durable smart glass for all environments

A unique product to bring an aesthetic privacy

Applications of Smart Glass

Great solution for various applications


What are the terms and coditions of the Limited Waranty?

Please check here our Warranty terms and conditions.

Do I need to replace my existing glass to use your products?

No. There is no need to change the window, frame or glass in most cases.

What is the maximum size of PDLC film you can supply?

For self-adhesive smart film the maximum one piece size is 1500*3200mm and for laminated smart glass is 1800*3000mm.

What is the average lead time for SmartPro products?

Normally the lead time for the smart film is 7-10 working days depending on the required dimensions and quantities.

Can SmartPro films be used as projection screens?

Yes. With the use of a projector, the image is retro projected onto the surface of the glass to offer a high definition image.