What is a Switchable Smart Film, And Is it Appropriate For You?

Switchable privacy glass

The switchable privacy film is also known as smart film. This film switches opacity and transparency with just one flip of a switch. Switchable glass film can be applied to the current glass or laminated in between two layers of glass throughout the unique fabrication process, making it a perfect application for new variety and ongoing projects. The switchable

film is used to make two types of smart glass;

1. Self-adhesive Switchable privacy film glass comprises polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films,  that will turn transparent or fully opaque for privacy purposes.  A specialized window film installer can install these films.

2. Laminated Smart glass, which is basically a PDLC film being laminated in between two layers of tempered glass. 

How does switchable privacy film work?

Switchable privacy film converts any glass from a simple passive surface to active smart glass materials. The technology of switchable smart film permits the glass to change from clear to frosted with just an electrical charge for dynamic and multifunctional glass application. These are sometimes exchanged with smart glass, electric tinting glass, or privacy glass. 

What is a Switchable Smart Film, And Is it Appropriate For You?

Eventually, the smart film is the technology used to form a final smart glass pane made only to be used in the external window or interior glass partition. If you are presently renovating your home or working on any construction projects, you must know how the switchable privacy film works? 

Is switchable smart film appropriate for your project?

Self-adhesive PDLC switchable film is the best choice when you want to convert your existing glass into Smart Glass instantly. These are a kind of film stick on an existing glass and connected to a switch on the wall or your smartphone App and controller, which enable the glass to turn off and on for privacy purposes. In this case, the simple glass pane becomes a switchable projection screen. These types of glass films are a unique choice for renovation. 

Conventional curtains in projects could be replaced by using high-tech switchable privacy film in projects with minimalist designs. These switchable adhesive films can also be cut into different shapes to create a unique fit or touch in advanced design. On the other hand, smart switchable glass is perfect when the glass is newly ordered or replaced, specifically in places with high degrees of humidity such as en-suite bathrooms, pools, and gyms.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of self-adhesive switchable smart films? 


1. These are more cost-friendly than switchable glass. 

2. It helps to increase privacy

3. Has easy installation

4. Convenient Smart Glass maintenance

5. Blocks UV rays (by 99%)

6. Saves money on cooling and heating (up to 30%)

7. Save your money on buying curtains and blinds. Switchable technology can replace curtains and blinds.

8. On-demand control of light

9. It can be cut and trimmed to fit the size during the installation.

10. There is no need to replace the glass; you just need to stick it to the existing glass.


1. These are mostly recommended for the interior.

2. These are easily damaged, bylined, bent, or bruised. 

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